At MGL Contractors we believe that standing still gets nothing done in the civil engineering contracting sector and that is an ethos we carry into innovation. We work with the best people and we always encourage them to improve and grow with us whether they be plant operators or engineers. And we always encourage our people to have a voice.

Listening to and encouraging our team has repeatedly led to innovative and enhanced engineered designed solutions for our customers.

Lightfoot – taking the pressure off

Supported by our in-house engineering and technical expertise, MGL Contractors recently established Lightfoot, which is the innovative idea of one of our long-standing excavator operators.

Lightfoot literally takes the pressure off… This groundbreaking design and manufacture minimises ground pressure by 58.5% during critical earthworks to provide a safer method of working on soft or unstable ground. The design also protects the immediate environment.

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8th May 2017 SSE Tealing Substation


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